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new blog - Royalty and Enneagram Type

I had a quiet launch of my new blog in the Spring:

and after ironing out glitches, been posting almost daily in the past few weeks.

Take a peek - I welcome your comments
Enneagram 6 have probably already deleted their accounts!
The playlist tonight illustrates the theme of Transcendance, inspired by the
Astronomy for Beginners workshop at l'Ecole Trois-Soleils here in Iqaluit

- Vincent (by Don McClean)

- Bleu Comme Toi (en francais par Etienne Daho)

- MacArthur Park (by Jimmy Webb; singer Richard Harris)

- I Would Do Anything for Love but I won't do that (singer Meatloaf)

- Hotel California (sung by The Eagles)
Last broadcast had the theme of mining as Iqaluit hosted the Nunavut Mining Symposium.

Keep an eye due the playlist which includes the Bee Gees

Shoutout to Rebecca who is soloing on Sundays with a show of her own.

The Royalist is now closed

Thank you, Joanne Leyland, for all your hard work on The Royalist site. Best wishes on your new venture!

In the next while, I shall be gradually posting my articles for The Royalist on this site. Keep your eyes peeled!
Click on the link below to access the pdf file of the latest issue!
October 2009 saw the launch of my new radio show "Sounds Good: Bonheur et Bien-Etre" , a weekly slice of the positive slides of life each Sunday at 6pm EST on CFRT 107.3, live from the Franco-Centre in Iqaluit.

Janice Seto as host is accompanied by sidekick, Rebecca Mark.

Each week, we spotlight one of the 23 characters and virtues of Positive Psychology with a few words and a melange of song and music.

Tune in to CFRT 107 and hear what Sounds Good....

hilarious website

A Republican congressman lost control over his emotions during the
first Afro-American President's televised speech on his plans to get more Americans health care coverage and has forced himself to apologize. If you go to JoeWilsonIsYourPreExistingCondition and refresh, it will show one hilarious post after another.

Iqaluit Greenhouse - feedback 2009

I manage the blog for the Iqaluit Greenhouse Society

Here is the 2009 Feedback Survey to return to Karen, the prez (




1)      When did you join ICGS?


2)      Will you garden again next year? If not, why?


3)      Are there any particular seeds we should have for next year?


4)      What vegetables were the most successful in your plot this summer? Elaborate.


5)      What vegetables were the least successful? Elaborate.


6)      What are your suggestions for improving the greenhouse operations and/or society?